Level = is the consciously inclusive talent acquisition solution,

Disrupting and changing sports business for the better, to ensure fairness for all.

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is a consciously inclusive talent acquisition solution for sports organisations to ensure fairness in hiring processes, to increase diversity and inclusion in leadership and senior roles.

By tackling underrepresentation at board and senior management level, real change can happen.

Despite efforts being made to create a level playing field, there are still issues of inequality and discrimination that exist for many - that's where we come in.

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why Sports Recruitment?

as a deaf man without a CV in 1985, founder Francis Kelly's Dad applied & was successful in securing a role at the AELTC (Wimbledon Tennis). Having worked there for over 20 years, he is a prime example that your background, disability and struggles in life should not get in the way of your aspirations and goals. level= was founded out of a passion to ensure that those applying for a job in any sporting organisation are chosen on a fair and level playing field by pushing back against conventional hiring that perpetuates systemic biases.



our process


provides a bespoke service for organisations serious about
driving change in D&I, aimed at improving the fairness,
quality and accuracy of hiring decisions we make,
with a fully debiased, proven approach for talent acquisition.


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