we provide a consciously inclusive talent acquisition outsourced solution for sport businesses.

our process is robust, researched and reliable. Your sport business will approach every hire in an inclusive and fair way.


diverse talent attraction through outreach to relevant niche job boards, social media groups, diverse communities and networks, and mainstream job boards. Inclusive job descriptions that eliminate bias against protected characteristics, such as age, race and gender to increase the diversity of the candidate pool.


3-5 work samples completed, which are the best proven predictor of ability. CV screening and redacting identifiers remove bias around an applicant including; nationality, race, gender, religious belief, age, disability, sexual orientation, non-relevant qualifications and academic establishment in favour of work samples.


four methods used to systematically remove bias from reviewing process:
1. anonymisation - removing all personally identifiable information from an application.
2. chunking - cutting each application into chunks and then comparing them across candidates, rather than reviewing an entire application in one go.
3. randomisation - jumbling up the order in which chunks are evaluated so that order effects are averaged out.
4. wisdom of the crowd - getting more than one person to review each chunk helps to average out subjectivity for a more accurate assessment of merit.


testing, assessment and traits/styles profiling (bespoke for each role) AND also for all, an energy/impact assessment to profile leadership value add in culture and change environments utilising the GC Index.


qualification verification, right to work checks, reference checks and social media checks to ensure the highest level of integrity for each candidate.

structured panel interview

testing against workplace scenarios and structured interviews to eliminate implicit bias, such as affinity and confirmation biases. Results collected from a diverse panel ensure fairness in the process.


a data-driven approach to monitor the diversity of candidates at each stage of the application process. Provision of automated, tangible and personalised feedback for the best candidate experience.


access to a range of strategic partners to support the client with EDI performance, as well as enabling the candidate to thrive in their new role.