Sport Hiring Solutions

your immersive and inclusive experience is the priority for us when finding you a new job. our role is to engage with the best, for the best.

we work with you, taking time to understand your expectations and career ambitions.

whether you work in sport or not, we are the ideal partner for the next steps in your career.

our unrivalled connections within sport help us deliver talent across the board. we find unique openings and open opportunities to people from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

a leading sport and recreation organisation, focused on supporting mental and physical wellbeing, wanted to simplify the time-consuming, data heavy process of paper-based recruitment.

the benefits provided to candidates...

  • enabled the opportunity to be opened to those from varying and diverse background
  • allowed candidates to be assessed based fully on skills and competencies
  • structured candidate journey with automated personal feedback
  • efficient data insight

the results delivered...

  • time-saving due to automation
  • 90% candidate satisfaction
  • 83% candidate suitability

understanding the need to move away from the traditional paper-led CV sift and interview process, a well-known international association deployed our technology and consciously inclusive process.

the benefits provided to candidates...

  • assessment of skill and ability not CV data
  • values between candidates and the organisation were aligned
  • inclusive language and outreach to a variety of individuals
  • the opportunity was promoted to those beyond sports business
  • anonymous application and interviewing to remove unconscious bias

the results delivered:

  • platform and process enabled more candidates from non-sport backgrounds and the wider community to access the role
  • 80% roles filled by female applicants
  • 60% of roles filled by ethnic minorities

source: NBER

we make the process clear and straightforward for all parties.
using technology-led, real-time equity data at every stage of the process, to ensure a correct and compliant approach.
if you are looking to take that next step in your sport business career, contact us for a career consultation.

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roles we offer


c-suite roles

such as ceo, cfo, and coo

technical roles

including analysis-focused and data-based roles

operations roles

such as operations directors or programme managers

managerial roles

including performance managers and pathway managers

marketing & events roles

roles including marketing directors and event managers