being the change

inequality and discrimination have a profoundly debilitating effect on society, yet being inclusive requires more than just a conscience; it demands integrity and know-how.

about level=

with level=, we want to make sure that any person applying for a job in any sporting organisation is chosen on a fair and level playing field by pushing back against conventional hiring that perpetuates systemic biases.

Miles Lloyd and Francis Kelly established level=. Their vision is to bring action to the industry, moving beyond standard practice to deliver a robust and fully debiased talent acquisition process focusing on equality, diversity and inclusion. An understanding and energy drive every part of level= for creating a difference; a purpose, and passion for ensuring sport, business and society becomes fair and fully sustainable for all.

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creating change,
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our dna

at level=, we work tirelessly to ensure equality and inclusivity are at the forefront of sport business and the community. Innovation and evolution drive us as we strive to learn and build better for others.

our transparent and accessible approach to talent acquisition and management ensures organisations have a truly diverse talent mix to hand, benefitting both business and society.


our goals


passion runs through our business from the top down - a passion for ensuring sport, business and society becomes fair and fully sustainable for all. Our enthusiasm, energy and desire for change impacts everything we do. 


integrity is one of the core foundations on which we exist and operate. So, we only work with partners who want positive change and share the same diversity, inclusion, and sustainability values.


humanity places value on society and the community. We are committed to removing disadvantage, paying it forward, and positively impacting sport and society, by enabling people from all backgrounds to have fair and equal opportunities at work.

whether delivering social equality, sustained economic growth or building resilient infrastructures in sport, we closely align ourselves with The United National Global Goals for Sustainable Development. This is our benchmark to ensure we lead by example and make that difference.

rights and respect for all

why we are unique

our goals focus on building:

  • gender, race and disability equality UN Global Goal 5

  • sustainable economic growth UN Global Goal 8

  • inclusive and resilient infrastructure UN Global Goal 9

  • social and economic inclusion UN Global Goal 10

these reflect our beliefs and values. We align to SDG 10, which promotes social, economic and political inclusion of all people, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, financial situation or other status.

championing action
across the field

we don’t tick boxes or offer token gestures. Our solutions put equality, diversity, inclusion and sustainability right upfront. We make real changes in sport happen.

our bespoke technology benefits employers and provides direction for employees; we create those opportunities that build organisations, communities and teams.

we pay it forward by investing in communities and helping build grassroots initiatives to bring more people into sport.

as part of our efforts to champion real change, we are currently b corp pending, which indicates our efforts to manage our social and environmental performance with the best tools available.

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