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At level= we make the stakeholder experience immersive and inclusive for both the individuals, as well their future employers.

Our role is to engage with the best, for the best. We work across the globe taking time with people to understand their individual expectations and career ambitions to ensure the perfect match with our clients’ requirements.

Whether already working within sport, or coming from other fields, we are the ideal talent partner for quality equity provision within the sporting industry. Our unrivalled connections within sport help us deliver talent across the board and allow us to spot those unique openings and opportunities. Once individuals are engaged with us, we work proactively with both themselves and with our clients to create new and fresh opportunities for both parties.

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Multiple surveys between 1996 and 2020 show significant discrimination against people from nonwhite ethnic backgrounds, to a point that they have to apply for between 50% and 300% more roles to get an interview and there is little, if any, improvement over time.

Source: NBER



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We make the process clear and straightforward for all parties. We use technology-led, real-time equity data at every stage of the process, to ensure a laser focused, correct and compliant approach. We are fully inclusive and transparent; whether using plain English for those with cognitive impairment, or legible text and/or audio for those with sight reduction, our aim is always to provide the most seamless and fully inclusive equity practice across the board for everyone.

If you are looking to take that next step in your career explore the current selection of our live opportunities. We also work covertly for many sport businesses and new opportunities constantly arise, so contact us to discuss your requirements, or arrange a virtual career consultation.

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We are an ambitious team that sets out to make change happen in sports business equity. If you share our passion for diversity and inclusion and want to join our journey, get in touch. We’d love to talk to you.

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