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We’re here for every sporting organisation and association; whether a charitable trust, amateur or professional club, national or international franchise. From ad-hoc assignments and planned events to finding entire teams of talent, our consciously inclusive approach supports distinctive and different equity needs, right across the board.

The level= unbiased approach and process is proven:

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We use world-class AI technology to ensure our solutions source the best individuals to meet your leadership, management, technical or professional needs; that drive organisational performance and commercial results, and ultimately sporting achievement.

Our robust technology-led processes guarantee fairness, equality and inclusivity; unconscious and conscious bias is removed in favour of positive metrics and proven processes. This ensures the right talent is sourced and placed within the right organisations.

By helping you hire the right people, the right way, we ensure equity becomes simple and seamless within your organisation.

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Clear diversity targets

Setting and reporting against targets to ensure percentages of new hires are fair, equal, diverse and inclusive, and encourage applications from across society.

Inclusive, impact and results-focused job descriptions

Removing skills’ checklists, in favour of role expectations set over a chosen time period.

Zero Sourcing Bias

Casting the job market wide and deep, engaging niche boards and diverse communities to find the right person or people for the right client.

Targeted equity talent outreach

Ensuring inclusive language, removing unconscious bias from the full process, to ensure that every touchpoint - from language and tone to interview and outcome - is correct and tailored.

AI profiling, testing and assessment

Avoiding potential human bias by testing, assessing and profiling early in the process. Rank and score based wholly on competency, ability and ‘fit’.

‘Blind’ resumé screening and shortlisting

Omitting personal or potentially discriminatory information in favour of personality, suitability and qualification for a role.

Metrics to determine and remove potential bias

Using quantifiable measuring and reporting positively to help organisations and society progress without discrimination.

Consciously inclusive interview processes

Delivering structure and consistency through interview panels or a structured Q&A framework.

Sharing best practice

Supporting and creating positive change through shared thinking, collaboration and knowledge.

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Our service offers three typical solutions, bespoke and directional to your needs:

Individual: occasional or one-off assignments

Team: multiple hires for project, events and team building

Partnership: full collaboration and support on a rolling basis, across multiple business functions

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We are an ambitious team that sets out to make change happen in sports business equity. If you share our passion for diversity and inclusion and want to join our journey, get in touch. We’d love to talk to you. 0208 159 8656

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